UT Arboretum Society

Update April 15th, 2020:  The trails and parking lot are currently open for use from 8am-sunset with social distancing guidelines mandated. Due to COVID-19 restrictions our Visitors Center is currently closed to the public.  There is no driving access through the arboretum during the COVID-10 crisis. All access to roads through the arboretum is closed during this time. Please be aware could be asked to close without prior notice. Please follow social distancing guidelines both on the trails and in the parking lot. 

Welcome to the UT Arboretum Society (UTAS) Web Site

Here You Can Find the Latest News and the Resources You Need to Visit the University of Tennessee Arboretum in Oak Ridge, Participate in UT Arboretum Society Sponsored Events, and to Join UTAS and be Part of Our Supporting Efforts.

Founded in 1965, the UT Arboretum Society is one of the oldest support organizations for the University of Tennessee.  Today, we sponsor educational lectures and workshops and family activities throughout the year at the Arboretum and we conduct fund-raising activities to support the operation and for targeted needs of the Arboretum.

Here you can find the latest Events, news and activities, read our Branches newsletter, find all the information you need to Visit the Arboretum, read about the benefits of membership and Join UTAS, and learn about all the ways you can Contact us including our email list and our active Facebook page. You will also find shortcuts to useful information on the side of each page as well as the menu at the top.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the UT Arboretum and welcome you to join with us in the UT Arboretum Society.