Plant a Healing Home Garden

Thursday September 27, 2018 6:30 PM to 11:37 AM

Classes in this series cost $15 for Non-Members and $10 for UTAS-Members. (add $1 if you pay with a credit card)

Herbs have a long history of use and are valued for their health benefits and healing properties.

Plants that heal are often very easy to grow and use. Common ailments like coughs, colds, cuts and scrapes, digestive issues, and headaches can be remedied with homegrown herbs made into teas, compresses, soaks, salves, or tinctures.

Learn about some of the best herbs to grow in a healing garden, along with cultural requirements. Planting a healing home garden certainly benefit a family by boosting self-reliance and natural wellness.

Plants will be available for sale after the program.

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