CICADA-A- RAID-A! Brood X! with Stephen Lyn Bales

Tuesday April 6, 7pm EST, Cicada a-raid-a! Brood X! It sounds like a sci-fi movie. We have been waiting 17 years for their return. Ta-da! They are almost here. After living underground since 2004, it is time for their emergence by the millions, shed their larval skin and fly away to buzz for a mate en masse. Join local natural historian Stephen Lyn Bales for a look at all things cicada plus this year’s huge emergence. This creepy-crawly presentation via Zoom is hosted by the UT Arboretum Society. The class is free, you do not even have to leave home. The program will be recorded so please register to receive link for recording..  To contact Stephen Lyn or buy one of his UT Press books go to Instagram @stephenlynbales or email him at [email protected]

For any issues with registration contact UT Arboretum Education Coordinator, Michelle Campanis at [email protected]


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