ALTERNATIVE FUNDRAISER FOR SPRING PLANT SALE ANNOUNCED TO BENEFIT UTAS by Tennessee Naturescapes use promo code UTAS and 20% of sale Donated to UT Arboretum Society!!

Promo Code UTAS

We were all shocked and disappointed when we had to announce the cancellation of our spring plant sale, but Tennessee Naturescapes has offered us an amazing alternative as a Spring Fundraiser for the UT Arboretum Society Plant Sale. Beginning Tuesday March 17th – April 30 use the promo code UTAS and 20% of that sale will be donated to the UT Arboretum Society!! This offer is good both at the nursery in Clinton and for online purchases!  This alternative fundraiser offers the opportunity to shop at your convenience at Tennesssee Naturescapes, 2131 Oliver Springs Highway, Clinton, TN 37716 or online at . This prevents gathering a large crowd on a single day sale. 

Tennessee Naturescapes is a wonderful community partner to the UT Arboretum. Lori McAlister and Don Williams are founding members of our Butterfly Fesitval as well.  Working outside is one thing we all love and can do now! 

Please take advantage of this wonderful offer of support from Tennessee Naturescapes and show them how much we appreciate their generous support.  Simply tell the person checking you out that you wish to add promo code UTAS to your ticket or if you shop online enter UTAS in the PROMO CODE box during checkout. This is a multiple use code, you may use both online and at store -– everytime you buy plants through April 30th use the code UTAS  and 20% will be donated to UTAS!!